A newsgame about the Sydney share bike saga.
Will you be able to put Bikey back together before another opportunist comes by?

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bushes with bike parts

Frankenbike is a point-and-click adventure newsgame and a satirical critique of Sydney’s share bike phenomenon. It employs narrative-based roleplay to situate the player amongst varied perspectives within the local share bike culture. Through a series of interlinked scenarios, players are able to explore and act out the relationships between the system’s actors, revealing underlying concerns over infrastructure, governance, ownership, and community–ideas that have not been addressed in mainstream media coverage– in accessible and engaging ways. By 'playing the news', newsgames demonstrate the potential for interactive journalism to foster critical, empathetic, engagement with the news.

Frankenbike was designed and written, by Anita Gallagher 2018. Want to play it again later? Access it any time @

Music by Jonatan Jarpehag, and Kevin MacLeod ( Special thanks to Sebastian Guillema and Samuel Gallagher for their programming assistance.